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Skins 5.03.00 update - by lud80 06/12/2019 18:21

All skins are updated to version 5.03.00 of GuppY.

They are no longer usable as they stand for lower GuppY versions 5.03.00.

Plugins update - by lud80 04/12/2019 13:04

Following the update of GuppY version 5.03.00 the following plugins have been updated.

- Petitions v5.0.8
- Summary v5.2.5
- eCards v2.1.3
- Plugin Version v2.0.6
- Plugin TabberGuppY v1.0.5
- Plugin ShoutPro v5.1.4
- Plugin Reservmanifs v2.1.8
- Plugin Quizz+ v5.1.2
- Glossary v3.2.0
- Musical Association Management v2.1.1
- Advertisements Plus v5.1.7
- Ghost v5.2.0

Updated skins ans 2 news - by lud80 18/05/2017 18:44

All download skins are updated for GuppY version 5.02.00+.

All of them are of course compatible Config look.

Two new skins appear to illustrate the effect of parallax introduced in this version 5.02.00 of GuppY.

Plugins for GuppY v5.02.00 - by lud80 11/05/2017 17:03

All plugins for download are compatible with GuppY version 5.02.00.

Skins update - by lud80 14/12/2016 15:58

The set of skins has been updated for version 5.01.06 of GuppY and the following ones.

They are all compatible Config look.

New version of ShoutPro plugin - by lud80 22/10/2016 13:24

Some corrections were made to the javascript code of the plugin.

It is available for download on this site.

New version of Quiz+ plugin - by lud80 15/09/2016 15:38

You can download the new version 5.01.07 Quiz+ plugin.

The changes are:

- Fixed path to the plugin images
- Correction plugin uninstallation

3 new skins 5.01.03 compatible - by lud80 03/08/2016 17:04

Three new skins are available. This is the No. 29, 30 and 31.

They are compatible 5.01.03+ version.

They are on display at ..




Musical Association Management update - by lud80 07/07/2016 10:14

The Musical Association Management plugin is available in version 2.0.5.

The css code has been modified to conform to GuppY v5.01.03.

In passing a few minor corrections have been made.

This plugin respects the charter of the CMS GuppY, responsive design and mobile friendly.

Advertisements Plus v5.0.8 inline - by lud80 28/06/2016 09:51

Hello to GuppYnauts,

The plugin Classifieds Plus has been updated to 5.0.8. Some small interface improvements and redesign of css code to conform to the 5.01.03 version of GuppY.


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