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outils.png Host his site, what is it?

It's simply upload the site you have patiently built on your pc.
You must therefore use a web host.

What is a web host?

The host of your website is a company that rents or provides disk space for you to store your website. It is at your host that you will store your entire site.

Hosting families.

There are two families:

- mutualized hosting: you share the resources of a single server with several other customers
Advantages: low cost, quick to implement.
Disadvantages: if the site of another customer mobilizes server resources (bandwidth, CPU, memory) it will be done at the expense of other hosted sites.

- dedicated hosting: with dedicated hosting: an entire server is for you.
Advantages: large disk space, very fast, you do not respond to other customers.
Disadvantages: a little more expensive, requires more advanced knowledge.

The domain.

Having a hosting is not enough, it is still necessary that it can be visited. So you need a domain name.

The domain name is an address (URL) that you have chosen for your site. it is very important because it allows including make your site more easily.

How to get a hosting and a domain name?

You type 'web hosting' in your favorite search engine and you'll be spoiled for choice.

CAUTION: choose a reliable web host, known, that will offer you more quality service and a hotline in case of problems.

Different options are available, choose one that fits your needs.

For the domain name, quality web hosts offer to you, although it is possible to buy a domain name with a registar.

A domain name consists of two parts separated by a point, domain_name.extension. The extension is less important in the selection, .com, .net, .info, etc ...
As against the name must be the significant subject matter of your site.

Can we host his website for free?

Some hosts, in addition to their pay offer, provide free hosting with subdomain.

I highly advise against, they are for the most part limited in volume, especially in bandwidth, sometimes with other restrictions in PHP language features.

There are also web hosts that offer only free, enrollment is limited. You also have spaces of personal service providers (ISPs), the service quality is poor, often with limitations.

One last area: to host his site at home on a PC with Linux dedicated to this task, but there must have strong knowledge in this operating system, as well as safety knowledge.
Advantages: free, the service (one is never better served than by oneself).
The inconvenients: requirement to pass through the box from the ISP if the connection is broken or faulty PC, the site becomes inaccessible.

Transfer its site at the host.

After validation of your registration, your host will provide FTP credentials (file transfer protocol) address of the server (eg ftp.mysite.com), a username and a password.

You will need an FTP software like Filezilla (do not look for others it is the best), in which you enter the login credentials.

The web host also provides guidance on the organization of your disk space. In general you have to place your site in the www folder, or public_html. Once connected, highlight all the files and folders on your local site and drag them into this folder on your space.

The host will also provide you a user and password to access the control panel, also called manager, where you will find a file transfer module. I do not advise it, often impractical, transfers to the server are in this case HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), so limited in speed.



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