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maintenance.pngMaintain its website is like take out insurance to guard against risks. Except that the insurer is you.

The first thing to do is a Backup your site. Although good web hosts make it a day and allow you to reinstall the backup.

Evolutionary maintenance

You must ensure that your website is updated with the latest developments, which guarantees durability.

As soon as an update is available, do not wait, it often contains security updates in addition to improvements of the code of some modules.
Your CMS Guppy is equipped with a function "Install" which ensures a correct replacement of the fixed modules and adjusting certain parameters.

Three types of elements are affected by updates:

  • modules
  • themes (skins)
  • plugins

Corrective maintenance

Be sure to remove items no longer needed. This could cause malfunctions.

Ensure the integrity of the database.

Delete blog posts, comments, topics and answers forum and guest book notes that contain unwanted dialogues. If you are not responsible for these statements, you are responsible for dissemination.
Your GuppY CMS allows validation of these posts by the site administrator.

In conclusion

A website is an investment. It is necessary to ensure its sustainability.

Daily monitoring is necessary to correct as soon as possible any issues that arose unexpectedly.



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