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Unfold Close  Plugins for GuppY v5

Plugin Glossary v3.1.8 for GuppY v5.02.05+.

Glossary definition displays a flyover of certain words in your articles or blog when a ticket is consulted. This definition can be titled and illustrated.

The administration of Glossary allows you to create the words and their definitions (or word pairs for bilingual sites), to configure the number of instances (definition may allow the overflight of the first appearance of the word only, eg ), configure the appearance (colors, fonts, sizes, background colors) of the definition display, with the possibility of a by skin if the site uses multiple.

Operating principle :
The intervention on the article occurs in php just before it is displayed in GuppY. So there is no impact on the data of the site. Each word in the list is searched and replaced with a link to the definition being placed in a hidden div. It is this div that appears when the word is hovered by the mouse pointer. The display flyover uses javascript, aspect uses css.

Glossary page :
You can offer your visitors a glossary page (configurable title) showing the list of glossary words and to display the definition of a word chosen. It will then be accessible from the horizontal menu of your site.

Configuration :

On the plugin admin page select Setup and fill the form.

Then select Appearance, select the skin to set up, complete the form.

In Management of words you can now add the words and their definitions.

plg_glossaire_v318.zip(261.90 Kb) Downloaded 452 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 



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