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Unfold Close  Plugins for GuppY v5

Plugin Plugin Version v2.0.5 for GuppY v5.02.02+.

This plugin is for the plugin developer.
The goal is to easily manage a test version available for plugins.

On your website :

1/) plugin plugin-version on your site. management interface of the same type as item management ... but to manage versions of plugins (name, date latest version number and download url)
2/) Once the plugin back into the database, click on <> in the list allows you to download a file version.inc

In the plugin that you are creating:

3) Admin /plugins/plugin-Name/ copy the admin/plugins/plugin-Version/Version/
4) Copy to this directory the recovered file to point 2)
5) Then just include a version/update.inc file to have available:

  • $version['errors']
    - In case of error contains an explicit info problem
    - If empty success
  • $version['ok']
    - If successful contains:
      or "your version is up to date",
      either "a new version is available Version X Date" with a link to the download.
    - If empty success

The test version is done with the php function version_compare, the version number must be compatible.

plg_plugin_version_v205.zip(32.10 Kb) Downloaded 386 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 



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