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 Plugins for GuppY v6

Plugin eCards v6.0.0 for GuppY v6.00.00+.

This plugin lets you add your site an electronic card services, with a simple ephemeris.

Configuration :

On the plugin admin page select Configuration of the service and complete the form:

  • Size and organization of image parameters
  • Page number for display and execution
  • Plugin name in the horizontal menu
  • Check if you want the ephemeris
  • Check if you want to view in full screen
  • Select the status of the box WEB and MOB

Save your configuration.

To access the service, you have two options, the button in the menu or the side box.

Now select Manage galleries :

  • Click Add gallery
  • Give it a name
  • Register Gallery
  • Select it and validate
  • Add the cards previously stored in a directory on your pc
  • Record cards
  • Repeat the process for each gallery

If necessary modify the list of saints in Management saints of the day.

You can also add Content in the side box. (48.71 Kb) Downloaded 43 times