Develop your website, from tools to SEO.

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Welcome to Develop your website, from tools to SEO.


Welcome to, help site to create your website.

You want to create your free website with the latest technology, you are at the right address.

Why create a website? The motives are multiple, it is not necessary to be an entrepreneur, you can each create its website. It is primarily a communication tool and you will take care to properly define your needs before you start

Subject extensively covered on the canvas, the peculiarity of it will guide you through the steps that will lead you to the success of your project using the CMS GuppY..

Follow step 4 steps below:


What is indispensable on the developer's office is here.

Soon an installation tutorial will be available.


A good choice is paramount.

Quality of service, security, FTP fluid, effective support, will be reviewed before the cost.

Referencing (SEO)

SEO is an often overlooked step from the launch site.

Move to first page is a good attendance pledge.

No maintenance, no sustainability.
Role of the webmaster in general, this is the step that can make your site attractive and appealing.
Tutorials ans Tips

The tutorials are on the indispensable tools.

Tips are for GuppY CMS.


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